Car Wash Centre

Newpark Service Station have one of the most modern and integrated car systems available in Europe. We have two car wash systems available , the High Pressure Hot Wash and the Conveyor Wash. Only TEXTILE brushes are used in the conveyor wash - suitable for modern car body. Our conveyor wash unit is fully maintained and customers can be assured of the following:-

The brushes used in the process are textile & will not damage the car's paintwork

All products used in the wash process are biodegradable - car wash Turtlewax products are used

High Pressure Hot Jet Wash – Assisted or Self Service Wash

Purchase wash token in shop or use euro coins directly (from 2 euro) you can control the amount of time spent on each of the options below; high pressure pre-clean foam brush cleaning clear rinse gloss rinse If you just need to get rid of a stubborn patch but don't want a full wash - its very simple, just select the first option above for 2 euro. Assisted wash is available to our customers for just 10 euro.

Conveyor Wash – Advantages over Other Systems

Newpark Car Wash Centre uses the german manufactured Christ car wash system. Our wash system uses the most modern technology available and incorpoartes the following; Faster - 4 minute process Better Quality Wash Body work protection Superior Brush Technology Turtle Wax Products Used It is recommended to prep car at the prep-area before placing car on the conveyor - this ensures that the customer gets the best result possible.